Graveyard Shift

Here's Everything You (Never) Wanted To Know About Coffin Birth

Pregnancy can be pretty terrifying for expectant mothers. Even a normal, healthy pregnancy is accompanied by intense bodily changes and hormone shifts that can be extremely difficult to cope with. Yet none of that can come close to the horrors of what happens when women perish while pregnant. As it turns out, babies born in coffins is a thing and it's more terrifying than the bubonic plague

The phenomenon is commonly known as coffin birth, and it's a completely natural occurrence. When a pregnant mother passes, sometimes her body will force the fetus out of the womb postmortem, "birthing" a deceased child. Coffin birth has been observed by some of the most unfortunate archaeologists in the world. It has been confirmed as a real phenomenon and is one of the more gruesome and depressing facts about the burial process.