Incredible Coincidences That Might Make You Believe In Destiny  

Bailey Benningfield
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Destiny is more than a popular girl's name - it's a word used to describe fateful events or coincidences too good - or too strange - to have happened by chance. Some have used the concept of destiny to justify sinister purposes, such as Manifest Destiny, which led to the brutal Trail of Tears in which many Native Americans died. These Redditors provide compelling stories about how fate played out in their lives.

A Run-In At Starbucks Rekindled Old Love

From Redditor /u/NutBaby:

I met this guy during high school (10 years ago), felt strongly attracted to him. He wasn't even my "type" then (so it annoyed me). Anyway, we got close, but he was usually cold and distant whenever it got to more personal topics - so whatever, I let that be.

He was my date for Senior Ball. No biggie. But I do remember thinking, "I don't want this night to end" - we had dinner in Burger King all dressed up and whatnot. He knew I liked him.

College came and he confessed he liked me in my first year of college. but I had a bf already. Almost six years passed when me and my (then) boyfriend were chilling in a Starbucks when he walks in. We make eye contact. My head was screaming, "F*CK."

My then-boyfriend and I broke up because it got toxic (or more like I realized it was toxic), and I hit him up because we used to be close. Now we're dating. The scary thing there is that we both realized that if we... tried to give it a shot before, it probably wouldn't have lasted. We've both grown and matured in those six years of not talking.

We used to talk about that Starbucks encounter. The first thing that popped in my head was "F*CK" because I did still like him. Likewise, he said the first thing that popped in his head when he saw me was,"Soon."

Now it might not be the "destiny" we think it is, but maybe for now, that's what it is. Like our destinies can change, but in this moment, right now, maybe this is what we're destined for. For how long, we'll never know.

One Number Has Reappeared Throughout His Life

From Redditor /u/Omac18:

I have a favorite number that has reappeared throughout my life like it's telling me, "Yes, you're on the right path." Now I know what you're thinking. This isn't like something happens and I look at the time having it be the same number. No, this is more complicated.

When I switched schools, it was there, or when I was in the hospital, the waiting room across from my room had a broken clock stuck at my number. When I was ready to quit gaming because of my depression, Pokemon X and Y came out bringing the Pokedex to 718... It's still there... It's planted on the expiration date of my stepdad's new motorcycle. It's been at every corner of my life even if I try to look away or forget about it.

A Police Department Strike Prevented Him From Going To Jail

From a deleted Reddit user:

Got a fix-it ticket when my friend was driving my car because of a broken taillight. Well, I procrastinated and when I realized (a day after it was supposed to be in) I freaked the f*ck out. I thought I had a bench warrant for my arrest, and that my license was suspended, and that I was going to jail for a failure to appear.

Well, as luck would have it... the department I got it in was on strike for a while. So it took two months PAST my date to even get the notice in the mail. Paid it that day and never heard anything back.

Multiple People Tried To Set The Two Of Them Up

From a deleted Reddit user:

I do. Maybe I'm wrong, but here is why: my mom was trying to set me up with a girl she worked with while I was in a serious relationship with someone she could not stand. A few years later, the girl with whom I was in the relationship moved to California. We were taking a break, but reconnected. I visited her a couple times, so things were on-again, off-again. On my last visit, I came back fed up with the whole situation.

I was at work and this new girl starts talking to me, asking, "What's wrong?" 

I tell her a little bit. She asks if I want to meet her sister, and I was like, "Why not?" So she sets it up, and I talk to her on the phone. During the conversation, we realize she worked at the same place as my mom and in fact knew her pretty well... Because [my mom] was always trying to set her up with her son. We've been married for almost 12 years, have five kids, and a dog. If that's not fate, it's pretty damn close.