Meet The Groupie Who Made Plaster Molds Out Of Rock Music's Most Famous "Members"

Cynthia "Plaster Caster" Albritton wasn't any old groupie bed-hopping her way through the rock star excess of the '60s and '70s. She had a unique hook, an angle that made her stand out from the masses of adoring teenage rock fans. She was the groupie who made plaster casts of some of the most majestic wangs of old school rock, a c*ck-n-roll fangirl, if you will. Though her work, Cynthia Plaster Caster amassed quite a collection of rock-n-roll plaster penises in her heyday.  

Cynthia loved rock with a burning passion, and was determined to meet the people behind the music. Problem was, she was lost in a sea of similarly young women determined to do the same. She had a stroke of inspiration and luck in an art class, which kicked off a great chapter in the annals of rock history. 

Since Cynthia cast her first band member, she's been the subject of documentaries and songs, and has put on exhibitions for which folks travel from far and wide to gaze upon her molds of famous d*cks. 

  • Jimi Hendrix Was The First Rock Star To Have His Junk Cast By Cynthia

    Jimi Hendrix Was The First Rock Star To Have His Junk Cast By Cynthia
    Photo: Photographer Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    In the late 1960s, The Jimi Hendrix Experience was about to roll into Chicago, and Cynthia Plaster Caster had yet to cast her first penis. She decided to buckle down and make sure her casting game was on point for Hendrix. She practiced on two friends, asking them to dip their dongs in a dental mold. Lo and behold, the casting process was a success.  

    Cynthia popped the question to Jimi backstage, and he was on board. She and her friend Dianne (the "designated blowjob giver") got some face time with Hendrix, and now his voodoo child is forever immortalized in Cynthia Plaster Caster's collection. The cast came out a bit cracked, perhaps a testament to Hendrix's incendiary power. 

  • Drummer Aynsley Dunbar Took Some Time To Get "Big And Beefy Enough" To Cast

    Jimi Hendrix was an easy subject to work with when it came to penis molding. Other musicians were either less accommodating or more doubtful towards the process. Some artists made roadies dip their wicks first in order to determine whether the process was safe. 

    Journey (and journeyman) drummer Aynsley Dunbar, who has played with everyone from Jeff Beck, David Bowie, and Lou Reed to Journey, Whitesnake, and Frank Zappa, was one of the most difficult subjects for the Plaster Caster. Cynthia told MTV News that Dunbar "wouldn't dip into the canister until he thought he was big and beefy enough." It took him some time to get hard to his own satisfaction, as a result of which the Plaster Caster wasted a fair amount of material. 

  • She Lost Her Virginity To A Member Of Paul Revere's Band

    She Lost Her Virginity To A Member Of Paul Revere's Band
    Photo: Perenchio Artists, Inc / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    One of the first rock stars Cynthia Plaster Caster propositioned in aid of her casting project was Paul Revere, leader of Paul Revere & the Raiders. The band was in Chicago with Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars when Cynthia and her best friend (who sported the nickname "Pest") asked the frontman to lend them his body as a part of a college art assignment.

    Alas, Cynthia did not walk away with her first cast (Revere wasn't interested). She did, however, lose her virginity to Mark Lindsay, a member of Revere's band. Not only did she come away from the experience a great story, she also began the legend of the Plaster Caster. 

  • The Idea To Cast Dongs Arose From An Assignment In Art School

    Cynthia and her rock-and-roll-loving BFF Pest were desperate to meet the musical gods who blew through Chicago in the 1960s, but found themselves lost in a sea of groupies. They felt they were just two faces in the crowd and searched for some way to stand out.

    One fateful day, Cynthia's art teacher assigned the class a plaster casting project, the sole criteria of which was casting something solid enough to "retain its shape". Something about those instructions lit a light bulb in Cynthia's mind, and it set her on a plaster-lined path to fame. 

  • Frank Zappa Moved Her To LA So She Could Make An Art Exhibit Out Of Her Dicks

    Frank Zappa Moved Her To LA So She Could Make An Art Exhibit Out Of Her Dicks
    Photo: Jay L. Handler / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Cynthia's plaster collection caught the attention of Frank Zappa, who loved the idea so much he decided to fly her to Los Angeles to cast as many additional works as possible. Zappa had the idea of showing off Cynthia's collection as part of an art exhibit. Unfortunately, the idea fell through, because even though Cynthia had a cavalcade of c*cks, there weren't enough famous ones to generate interest. She moved back to Chicago and got a boring old regular job. 

  • A Rumor Went Around That She Could Only Orgasm Through Plaster Casting

    After casting Hendrix, Cynthia suddenly found herself d*ck-infamous. She and her fellatio-ready gal pal Dianne enjoyed the perks the limelight afforded them. But when d*cks are your business, there are going to be rumors, such as you being unable to orgasm without asking a man to dip his member into a dental mold. Yes, indeed: rumors spread that Cynthia and Dianne couldn't climax without casting.