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The Biggest Brawls In College Basketball History

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College basketball is a game full of big men playing hard and going all out, which inevitably leads to fights, and some of the biggest NCAA basketball fights have led to suspensions and bans and wild reactions from fans, coaches, players, and the media.

Sometimes a brawl breaks out between longtime rivals like Kansas and Kansas State, who got into over a perceived show of disrespect late in a blowout win. Other times, melees get started by teammates trying to defend their fellow players, like the Minnesota-Ohio brawl that broke out during a 1972 game. But no matter what the cause, no one wants to see a wrestling match break out at a basketball game.

So, check out this list of the wildest brawls ever in NCAA basketball. Whether you're looking for a fight from the '80s or you're wondering what led to the college basketball fight last night, take a look at some of the videos below and vote up the craziest fights.

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    Kansas Vs. Kansas State

    Video: YouTube

    Date: January 21, 2020
    Final: Kansas 81 - Kansas State 60

    Late in a blowout, Kansas State's DaJuan Gordon stole the ball and went in for a layup that gets blocked by Kansas' Silvio De Sousa, who then stood over Gordon and taunted him. The action sparked a brawl, and at one point, De Sousa picked up a chair and looked like he was going to swing it before a coach took the chair from him.

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    Minnesota Vs. Ohio

    Video: YouTube

    Date: January 25, 1972
    Final: Ohio State 50 - Minnesota 44

    A hard foul, a phony hand up, and a knee to the groin were all it took to send this Ohio State-Minnesota game into absolute chaos. With more than 30 seconds still remaining, the Minnesota athletic director announced the game was over because no one could restore order on the court.

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    Xavier Vs. Cincinnati

    Video: YouTube

    Date: December 10, 2011
    Final: Xavier 76 - Cincinnati 53

    In the final seconds of a blowout win by undefeated Xavier, two opposing players got in each other's faces, another player came up and shoved his opponent to the ground, and the fight was on. Punches were thrown, blood was drawn, and the game was called with 9 seconds still on the clock.

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    BYU Vs. UTEP

    Video: YouTube

    Date: February 9, 1985
    Final: UTEP 97 - BYU 86

    In the second half of a late-season matchup between Brigham Young and Texas-El Paso, tensions boiled over, leading to a major brawl among the players. But the person who got the worst of it was probably the referee who took a punch square on the jaw and was knocked to the ground.

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