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College Football Mascots Who Should Be Punched In The Face

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Haven't you ever been to a football game and seen one of those big, goofy mascots running around the field, looking like they might snap and start taking down cheerleaders at any time? Have you ever wanted to punch one of them in the face? I have.

Before you refer me to some anger management website, I feel it's relevant to point out that I myself was a mascot in high school; a big, bald eagle. In Sacramento where Friday night football games were played (for me) in a big, sweaty Eagle getup in the 100 degree heat. I can tell you first hand that you are doing some very nice ladies a big favor by taking these seemingly happy-go-lucky characters down a peg or two.

Since the college rankings change so often, there might be a team on or off the rankings that I'd like to punch, so don't get your panties in a twist with me; save it for one of these mascots. And get ready for college football.