culture The Best College Tips for Freshmen Year (and Beyond)  

Jessica Lawshe
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College is a time for exploring new things, meeting new people, and figuring out your new-found freedom as an adult. From going to class to hanging out with friends, you're in complete control of your mind, body, and time. It's an exciting part of your life, but it can also be overwhelming. A few college tips can go a long way. 

Being successful in college doesn't mean just acing your exams or studying hard. A successful college student knows how to manage their time and meal plan, how to take care of themselves physically and mentally, and how to get the most out of their college education. They also know how to deal with a bad roommate situation, ensure that their clothes don't get stolen by a laundry room vulture, and deal with the temptation of 24/7 cafeteria options. 

Orientation will prepare you for some things: what buildings your classes are in and where to find the career opportunities center. Beyond that, you're on your own. Don't worry though, after reading our list of college tips, you'll know just how important "free food" is and how to get in good with teachers (psst... go to their office hours). 

You've hit the books! Now its time to hit our list of college hacks. Vote up the one that will help you feel like less of an inexperienced freshman, and more like a college ace! 

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Go to Class

Awesome! Your teacher doesn't take attendance. That means you can ditch, right? Nope! Go to class, and stay for the whole class, regardless of how boring it might be. You're at college for a reason - to learn. Plus, teachers tend to leave the important things till the end of the class, so you don't want to miss any special announcements!

Source: Psychology Today
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Sleep, Don't Cram

Swapping your sleep for an all-night cram session is not worth it. According to a UCLA study, sacrificing sleep for extra study time is counterproductive. Gillen-O'Neel, the study's first author says, "Although we expected that cramming might not be as effective as students think, our results showed that extra time spent studying cut into sleep. And it's this reduced sleep that accounts for the increase in academic problems that occurs after days of increased studying."

Source: UCLA Newsroom
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Beat the College Textbook System

You can't just wing it, you're going to need to buy textbooks. Be smart about it! Comparison shop, look for digital versions for Kindles or iPads, rent books on Kindle, and check out the library. Check out more cost-saving tips from Today
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Learn to Say "No"

At college there will always be something fun to do at any given point in time. Make the most of your social life, but also know how to say "no" to temptation and daily distractions. Pick up some tips from James Clear
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