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Myths About Colonial America, Debunked

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For many in the United States, the colonial period is murky and full of half-remembered stories from school. We may recall some important tidbits like the Mayflower, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Declaration of Independence, but the stuff in between can be a blur. Didn't Thomas Jefferson own slaves? Wasn't there a mystery about Roanoke and the Croatoan?

The fact is there are many misconceptions about this period of history, from simple yet slightly off aspects of daily life to major historical moments that are nothing like you thought. You may not know quite as much about colonial America as you think you do. This period - and particularly during the American Revolution - has become so heavily mythologized the truth may elude you. For the storytellers who discuss this period, it's much easier to recount only the thrilling story of heroes who fought for freedom than delve into the complicated politics surrounding the revolution and the brilliant but flawed Founding Fathers.

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