The Best Bands with Colors in Their Names

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Quick: someone has just asked you to rattle off the best bands named after a color! What do you say? Drawing a blank? This list of bands named after colors should help. And it will likely surprise you, too, because so many of the most iconic bands in the music history have colors in their names.

Plenty of these color bands include “black” in their names. Even though black isn’t technically a color, it counts for this list. Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, and The Black Eyed Peas are a few examples. There are also plenty of blues and reds among color band names, with groups like Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Moody Blues listed. You’ll find a few notable purples (New Riders of the Purple Sage and Deep Purple), plenty of whites (White Zombie, The White Stripes) and at least one “Cream.”

While black, blue, red and white do seem to dominate this list of bands with colors in their name, a few outliers exist. Think Green Day or Yellowcard. And Sawyer Brown, one of the only country entries on this list, is, well, brown.

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