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This Rare Species Of Toad Produces One Of The Most Potent Natural Psychedelics

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The Colorado River toad is one in a long line of examples of just how far humans are willing to go in order to intoxicate themselves with chemical substances that alter their perception of the world. Although animals will sometimes partake in nefarious activities, taking things like alcohol and drugs is essentially a human trait. In this instance, people use the venom from the toad as a potent psychedelic.

This particular amphibian, which can be found in parts of the United States and Mexico, secretes a cocktail of chemicals when it is frightened or stressed. This substance contains the most potent psychedelic toad venom in the world and has become famous for its psychoactive properties.

While there are several toads that get you high, it is the Colorado River toad that is the most powerful. People have traveled from around the world in order to experience the hallucinations that it can induce.

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