How To Rock Offbeat Lipstick Colors And Still Look Fierce

If you're a makeup fan, you have two shades of lipstick in your bag: a flattering nude and a classic red. But even these tried-and-true favorites can get a little boring after a while. It's time to shake up your cosmetics routine with some offbeat lip hues – and they're more wearable than you might think.

Does your favorite brand have a gorgeous purple lippie you're too timid to try? Or maybe you've been eyeing black lipstick, but you worry it looks too Halloween. Wearing colorful lipstick isn't just for specific holidays or themed parties. This list includes lipstick tricks and tips on how to rock that offbeat lipstick with confidence. From brown to yellow and even to glitter, here are some incredibly simple, unbelievably chic makeup looks with unique lipstick colors. Break out those bright shades and get your color on!

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  • Rock Orange Lippie With Winged Eyeliner

    Orange is a great color to wear on your lips, and depending on what look you're going for, it's incredibly versatile. Orange lipstick can be pulled off beautifully on an otherwise bare face. If you don't feel like doing a full face of makeup, orange lipstick to the rescue!

    Additionally, an orange lipstick looks fantastic with winged eyeliner and a few coats of black mascara. If you'd like a more glamorous look, apply some fake lashes, go heavy on the mascara, and brush on a shimmery white eyeshadow. 

  • Blue Lips Look Best With Simple Eye Makeup


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    Blue lipstick can seem intimidating. That doesn't mean you should stay away. In fact, a navy blue lipstick can be pulled off by anyone, no matter what their skin tone. Just like with deep purples, makeup pros recommend keeping the rest of your look light so as not to take away from the boldness of your lips. Some subtle blush, shadow, and mascara should do the job nicely.

  • Brown Lipstick Can Be Blended With Pink


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    Brown is an excellent shade for the lips. Not only can it be worn all year round, but there are so many different types of brown that there's a perfect lipstick for everyone. A dark, vampy brown looks phenomenal on light or dark skin tones when lined. If dark brown isn't your thing, try a brown with rosy undertones – it's a fun twist on a typical pink.

  • Pair Purples With Lighter Looks


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    Anyone can pull off a beautiful shade of purple. What's more, because of the bold color on your lips, you can actually go light on makeup otherwise. Just add a little foundation and eyeshadow and you're good to go.

    Purple is also flattering for all skin tones. Pastel shades look great on lighter complexions, while olive and darker skin tones are shown off by gorgeous deep purples.

  • Try Metallic Lips Over Matte Color


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    Metallic lipstick is all the rage right now, and you can find metallics in just about every shade. Because metallic lipstick essentially gives you a highlight on your lips, you can choose to wear it on lighter makeup days and let your lips be the focal point.

    If you want to create a beautiful multi-dimensional shine with metallics, experts suggest applying a glimmering shade on top of a matte lipstick.

  • Liner Is A Must For Green Lipstick


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    The key to pulling off green lipstick is the application: flawless precision makes the color look modern rather than theatrical. A sharp lip line can be easily achieved with lip liner. Sometimes green liner isn't the easiest to find, so when all else fails, use a green eyeliner pencil to line your lips. A cat eye and dramatic mascara finishes the sleek look.