Colorized Photos from Military History

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When cameras were first invented, pictures were hard to take and involved posing for long periods of time. But cameras became smaller and more portable, and it became easier to take pictures that more closely depicted real life. While color photos from military history were extremely rare at first, they become much more common in later wars.

Colorized photos of every conflict from the Crimean War through the Civil War and World War 2 make war vivid and realistic in a way that no documentary or book can. The colors on uniforms pop, the mud of World War 1 looks thick and foreboding, and even Axis soldiers reveal themselves as human beings. They capture the mundane moments in the lives of troops on both sides, soldiers relaxing, smiling for cameras, and the aftermath of wars.

Here are colorized photos from the mid-1800s through WW1 and WW2. You'll even see some colorized Civil War photos in the bunch. Vote up the color images and pictures that make history come alive. 

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