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Colorized WWII Photos From The German Side

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It's hard to imagine living in a war-torn world while we're sitting on our comfy couches browsing the Internet. For people who grew up in the 1930s and 40s, it was a harsh reality that we only get a glimpse of from colorized WWII photos. There's something about colorized photographs of WWII that bring the humanity and heartache back into images we've long glanced over. History should always be remembered so as not to be repeated.

World War II defined an entire generation of the world. By 1933, Hitler had established his first concentration camp, and by 1939 the allies were in a full-fledged war against Nazi Germany. America may have had the attack on Pearl Harbor, which led Germany to declare war on the United States just four days later, but battles were largely fought overseas. Photos of the Germans in WWII depict a life that teetered on the line of pride and fear – it just depended on which side of the war you were on. Photos of German Soldiers in World War II show uniformed officers proudly waving swastikas and enjoying the cities they invaded. Photos of German civilians show conflicting sides – the world where pre-teens were drafted into hate groups or the painful reality of families suffering in concentration camps.

Photos of Germany in World War II are as haunting as they are important – to show a past we can't forget and future we never want to repeat. These colorized World War II photos show what life was like if you were German during the second World War.