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Colorized Photos Of Historical Figures Like We Haven't Seen Them Before

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It can be difficult to realize in the moment that today is making history: things happening in our lifetime will be noted in future textbooks. The photos of history we saw in textbooks in school were generally black and white. Thinking back to stories about the Civil War or the Victorian age, images couldn't be captured color (except by painting) due to the technological limitations of the time. Of course, those limitations have long since been overcome, and modern history is accompanied by images of the scenes as they actually looked - although journalistic images even from recent decades have often been in black-and-white.

Thanks to the many graphic artists on Reddit, numerous colorized photos of famous people who have impacted history are now at our fingertips. Seeing these people with dashes of color brings them so vividly to life that they almost feel like they're here in the flesh.