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15 Colorized Photos So Vivid They'll Change How You See the Civil War

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If you're a history buff looking to get your mind blown a little, Reddit's ColorizedHistory subreddit is the place to be. The forum is dedicated to sharing original, high-quality colorized photographs of historical black-and-white images. The colorized Civil War photos over at r/ColorizedHistory - many done by a user called zuzahin - pack a major wallop. 

There's something incredibly affecting about taking grainy, black-and-white Civil War photos from the 1860s and making them look like they're from the 1960s. It sounds silly, but you find yourself caring a lot more about the subjects in the photographs when the blood is returned to their faces and their world actually begins to resemble ours. It almost feels like time travel.

Immerse yourself in these colorful photographs, and check out more from u/zuzahin on Reddit and Facebook.