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List of Famous Bands from Columbus

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List of Columbus bands, listed by their level of fame. This Columbus musicians list includes both bands and solo artists. All famous Columbus bands are included, as well as many Columbus musicians of underground status. This list of Columbus musical artists includes information like what genre the artist falls under, what albums they've put out and more. If you want to know more about these famous Columbus bands you can click on their names to learn more about them. Bands from every genre are listed here, including rock, pop, hip-hop/rap, jazz, and more.

The list you're viewing is made up of many different bands, including Rascal Flatts and Dwight Yoakam.

If you're wondering, "What bands are from Columbus?" or "What is a list of Columbus bands?" then this list will answer your questions. {#nodes}
  • Rascal Flatts1

    Rascal Flatts

    Adult contemporary music, Country pop

    AlbumsChanged, Me and My Gang, Prayin' for Daylight, Feels Like Today, Still Feels Good

    Rascal Flatts is an American country pop/country rock music group formed in Columbus, Ohio in...  more

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  • Dwight Yoakam2

    Dwight Yoakam

    Rockabilly, Country rock

    AlbumsBuenas Noches From a Lonely Room, 3 Pears, Come On Christmas, A Long Way Home, If There Was a Way

    Dwight David Yoakam (born October 23, 1956) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and...  more

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  • Bizzy Bone3

    Bizzy Bone

    Hip hop music, Midwest hip hop

    AlbumsAlpha and Omega, Bizzy Bone presents: Heaven'z Movie, Speaking in Tongues, Thugs Revenge, The Gift

    Bryon Anthony McCane II (born September 12, 1976), better known by his stage name Bizzy Bone,...  more


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  • Bow Wow4

    Bow Wow

    Hip hop music, Pop rap

    AlbumsFace Off, New Jack City II, Wanted, The Price of Fame, Unleashed

    Shad Gregory Moss (born March 9, 1987), better known by his stage name Bow Wow (formerly Lil'...  more

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  • RJD25


    Nu jazz, Hip hop music

    AlbumsDeadringer, Since We Last Spoke, Magnificent City, The Horror, More Is Than Isn't

    Ramble Jon Krohn (born May 27, 1976), better known by his stage name RJD2, is an American...  more

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  • Joe6


    Contemporary R&B, Rhythm and blues

    AlbumsEverything, Ain't Nothin' Like Me, Better Days, My Name Is Joe, All That I Am

    Joseph Lewis Thomas (born July 5, 1973), known mononymously as Joe, is an American singer,...  more
  • Crazy Horse7

    Crazy Horse

    Rock music, Folk rock

    AlbumsEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Rust Never Sleeps, Live Rust, Greendale, Sleeps With Angels

    Crazy Horse is an American rock band best known for their association with Neil Young....  more
  • Howard Jones8

    Howard Jones

    Nu metal, Deathcore
    Howard Jones (born July 20, 1970) is an American metalcore vocalist, best known as vocalist of...  more
  • Times New Viking9

    Times New Viking

    Noise rock, Shoegazing

    AlbumsPresent the Paisley Reich, Dancer Equired!, Born Again Revisited, Rip It Off, Dig Yourself

    Times New Viking is a lo-fi indie rock band from Columbus, Ohio. The lineup consists of...  more
  • Everyday Sunday10

    Everyday Sunday

    Pop punk, Rock music

    AlbumsBest Night of Our Lives, Stand Up, Anthems for the Imperfect, Wake Up! Wake Up!, Sleeper

    Everyday Sunday is a rock band from Columbus, Ohio made up of Trey Pearson, Micah Kuiper,...  more

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  • Blueprint11


    Hip hop music, Alternative hip hop

    AlbumsIron & Niacin, Deleted Scenes, Sign Language, Chamber Music, 1988

    Albert Shepard, better known by his stage name Blueprint, is an American hip hop musician from...  more
  • Harry "Sweets" Edison12

    Harry "Sweets" Edison

    Swing music, Jazz

    AlbumsBuddy and Sweets, Jazz Giants '58, Jawbreakers, Ben and Sweets, Oscar Peterson + Harry Edison + Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson

    Harry "Sweets" Edison (October 10, 1915 – July 27, 1999) was an American jazz trumpeter and a...  more

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  • Jermaine Stewart13

    Jermaine Stewart

    New Wave, Pop music

    AlbumsWhat Becomes a Legend Most?, Frantic Romantic, Say It Again, Attention: A Tribute to Jermaine Stewart, The Word Is Out

    William Jermaine Stewart (September 7, 1957 – March 17, 1997) was an American male R&B singer...  more

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  • New Bomb Turks14

    New Bomb Turks

    Garage punk, Garage rock

    Albums!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!, At Rope's End, Information Highway Revisited, Scared Straight, The Big Combo

    The New Bomb Turks are an American punk rock band formed at the Ohio State University in...  more
  • House of Heroes15

    House of Heroes

    Rock music, Alternative rock

    AlbumsHouse of Heroes, Say No More, What You Want Is Now, The End Is Not the End, Cold Hard Want

    House of Heroes is an alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio. They have released five...  more

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  • Camu Tao16

    Camu Tao

    Hip hop music

    AlbumsBlair Cosby: Cape Cod - Going for De Gold, Blair Cosby's: Cereal Carpens ('97 Season), Blair Cosby II: The Wali Era, King of Hearts

    Tero Smith (June 26, 1977 – May 25, 2008), better known by his stage name Camu Tao, was an...  more

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  • Bobby Hendricks17

    Bobby Hendricks

    Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll

    AlbumsItchy Twitchy Feeling / A Thousand Dreams

    Bobby Hendricks (born February 22, 1938, Columbus, Ohio) is an American R&B singer who charted...  more
  • Watershed18


    Rock music, Power pop

    AlbumsStar Vehicle, Twister, The More It Hurts, the More It Works, The Fifth of July

    Watershed is an American rock band based in Columbus, Ohio, consisting of Colin Gawel, Joe...  more
  • Bebo Norman19

    Bebo Norman

    Christian music, Contemporary Christian music

    AlbumsBebo Norman, The Fabric of Verse, Try, Between the Dreaming and the Coming True, Myself When I Am Real

    Jeffrey Stephen "Bebo" Norman (born May 29, 1973) is a former contemporary Christian musician...  more

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  • J. Rawls20

    J. Rawls

    Hip hop music, Underground hip hop

    AlbumsIt's the Dank & Jammy Show, The Hip-Hop Affect, The Essence of J. Rawls, The Liquid Crystal Project, It's the Dank & Jammy Show

    Jason Rawls (born February 27, 1974), better known by his stage name J. Rawls, is an American...  more
  • Justin Guarini21

    Justin Guarini

    Pop music, Rhythm and blues

    AlbumsJustin Guarini, Stranger Things Have Happened, Revolve

    Justin Guarini (born Justin Eldrin Bell; October 28, 1978) is an American singer, musician,...  more
  • Devo Springsteen22

    Devo Springsteen

    Hip hop music, Pop music
    DeVon “Devo” Harris (born December 9, 1977 in Columbus, GA), also known as Devo Springsteen,...  more
  • Jay DeMarcus23

    Jay DeMarcus

    Contemporary Christian music, Country
    Jay DeMarcus (born April 26, 1971) is an American bassist, vocalist, pianist, record producer...  more
  • Tim Wilson24

    Tim Wilson

    Comedy music, Bluegrass

    AlbumsGettin' My Mind Right, Hillbilly Homeboy, It's a Sorry World, Super Bad Sounds of the 70's, Tuned Up

    Timothy Collins Wilson (August 5, 1961 – February 26, 2014) was an American stand-up comedian...  more

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  • Fatty Koo25

    Fatty Koo

    Hip hop music, Pop music

    AlbumsHouse of Fatty Koo

    Fatty Koo is a R&B and Hip-Hop sextet from Columbus, Ohio that made its way into the music...  more