Awesome Mashup Tattoos for Indecisive Fans

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When you’re picking out a tattoo design, it can be hard to know what to get. Should you have a totally rad nautical Boba Fett helmet on your elbow? Or should you get that awesome Hello Kitty face tatted on your leg? Why not do both in a combined tattoo that shows off all your passions? That’s what this list is all about: taking a look at some of the best mashup tattoo designs and letting you vote up your favorites. Seeing these mashup tats begs the question: were the people getting tattooed not sure what to get? Did they just pull fandoms out of a hat and say, “I’ll have these”? Whatever the situation, the tattoos on this list turned out pretty cool. You’ll see what we mean when you check out these awesome mashup tattoo pictures.

One of the best ways to let people know that you’re a fan of a particular franchise is by getting something from the film or television series that’s instantly recognizable tattooed on you. But what if you love a bunch of different films and series, and even video games that you love? If that’s the case, a cool thing to do is to combine all of those tattoo ideas into one big mashup tattoo.

Vote up your favorite mashup tattoo, and if you have a tattoo that combines different fandoms or art styles tell everyone about it in the comments!

Photo: Pinterest

  • 1. A Nightmare Before Going Back To The Future

    A Nightmare Before Going Back To The Future
    Photo: Pinterest
    3,144 votes
  • 2. A Starry Night In Gotham

    A Starry Night In Gotham
    Photo: Pinterest
    3,449 votes
  • 3. Force On, Force Off

    Force On, Force Off
    Photo: u/5trych9 / Reddit
    2,886 votes
  • 4. A Mega Mashup

    A Mega Mashup
    Photo: karituba / Imgur
    3,470 votes
  • 5. Bulbafett

    Photo: Pinterest
    2,569 votes
  • 6. Look Up! It's The Death Star!

    Look Up! It's The Death Star!
    Photo: u/cfmmmm / Reddit
    2,709 votes