Athletes Who Made A Comeback In 2022

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Who is the best comeback athlete of 2022? These amazing athletes are back on fan's radars after time spent away from the sport. Whether due to injury, age, or off-the-field pressures, these great athletes stepped away and returned better than ever. These comeback athletes are up for awards like the ESPY's comeback athlete of the year in 2022. Who is the best comeback athlete right now? Which athletes made the most impressive comebacks? 

At the top of all 2022 comeback athlete lists would have to be Tom Brady, who retired from the NFL in January, only to reverse his retirement on March 13, 2022. NBA star LaMarcus Aldridge stepped away from basketball in 2021 due to health concerns, but returned this year to basketball with the Brooklyn Nets. Then there's other comeback sports stars such as Joe Burrow, Ben Simmons, and S

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