Which Comedian's Death Hit You Hardest?

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Vote up the stand-ups, comedic actors, and improvisers whose passings evoked unexpectedly strong emotions when you heard the news.

Life is funny. Death is signficantly less so. When very funny people die, it tends to throw everybody for a loop. Laughing is such a lively act and death is, as they say, no laughing matter, so what are we supposed to do when professionally funny people shuffle off this mortal coil? It can be upsetting enough when any beloved famous person dies, leaving us all to grieve someone we really felt like we knew personally, but it can be downright devastating when a comedian who has made us laugh for years or even decades is suddenly just gone.

It's not necessarily rational, but that doesn't mean it's not true. A comedian's passing can hit confusingly hard. There's no shame in being shocked by the news or grieving an absence, though, so share the comedians who left you feeling like life's a little less funny without them.

Most divisive: Madeline Kahn
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