Dead Comedians Who Left Great Stand Up Behind

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Stand Up Comics Who Died Before They Were Done only. (No Actors.) Upvote the comedians who left the most great comedy behind.

This is a list of the best stand up comedians who died too early. These stand up comedians died before they had run out of steam and, for most, died in the prime of their career. Stand up comedy is a hard profession and drives the people in it into some pretty rough lifestyles. Because of this, there are many more premature deaths in the world of comedy than there are in other professions. Not all stand up comedians succumb to this, but some of the best stand ups have died too soon. This list contains stand up comedians who are dead now (R.I.P.) and who died before their time.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the stand up comics on this list died early or young. Most of them were middle aged or, in the case of George Carlin, downright old. This list is for the stand up comics that died with plenty of comedy left in them. So much so that it is tragic to lose them. Some of these deaths occurred recently, whereas others happened decades ago.

Many items on this list contain videos of some of the best performances by the deceased comedians in question. Please note that some of these videos contain harsh language and may not be suitable for work. Vote up your favorite stand up comedians who died too soon.