Throwback Pictures Of Comedians Before They Were Famous

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Before comedians become famous, they live normal lives just like everyone else: they attend school, they play with friends, they go through awkward phases. These funny people likely never realized that throwback photos of comedians - AKA themselves - would become another way they inadvertently make people laugh. Just like dorky photos of famous heartthrobs, pictures of comedians before they got famous reveal a side of celebrities you rarely ever see, usually because they don't want you to.

Surprising throwback photos of comedians show just how far your favorite comics have come since their days of braces and dated hairstyles. Chelsea Handler with hair bigger than her personality and a beardless Zach Galifianakis look quite different than their modern-day selves. Yearbook photos of comedians and childhood pictures of comics remind you that everyone grows into their bodies and faces as they get older; to be fair, a few photos, like hot pictures of actors when they were younger, demonstrate that some of these comedians really had it going on. Sure, some of these old photos of comedians look quite laughable, but most would say these guys and gals got the last laugh in the end.