19 Comedians You Might Not Know Wrote for SNL

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Comedians who spent time on the writing staff at SNL, but aren't necessarily known for their SNL stints.

In the world of comedy, many high-profile comedians got their start on the institution that is Saturday Night Live. Comedians who wrote for SNL would frequently go on to create popular films and television series. From 1975 to today, there are many fantastic writers who have impacted comedy in major, meaningful ways. This list of former SNL writers features all manner of great comedians who have made audiences laugh since their time on NBC's mainstay sketch show.

From writers like Larry David and Christopher Guest, female comedians like Sarah Silverman and Laura Kightlinger, and hilarious male stand-ups like Hannibal Buress and Dave Attell, comedians who wrote for SNL run the gamut. With this great list of SNL writers, who went on to notable comedy careers in their own right, you'll get a who's who of comedy throughout the years.

Take a look at this list of famous comedians who were Saturday Night Live writers - some of these sketch writers and stand up comedy vets who started in Studio 8H might surprise you!