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13 Comedies Where The Main Character Is Actually A Narcissistic Monster

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Sometimes terrible people make the funniest protagonists, which is why we often find ourselves busting a gut over questionable antics. Whether it's the stalker-ish behavior of Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber or the misogyny of John and Jeremy in Wedding Crashers, these protagonists give us more than enough reason to hate them - yet we laugh nonetheless.

While a lot of these leads end up evolving and changing over the course of their stories, their inappropriate, selfish, and sometimes scary escapades typically go unchecked. It's time to take a second look at some of the awful personalities we've come to idolize. Below are 13 comedies where the main character is, in fact, a narcissistic monster.

  • It's hard to not fall in love with John and Jeremy, the best friends at the center of Wedding Crashers. They're funny, extremely loyal to each other, and somehow great at turning divorce hearings into amicable, touching moments. However, their favorite thing to do in life is lie to women at parties and get them into bed.

    As if that isn't bad enough, John seems to think he's "maturing" when he decides to give up the party life to focus on something more adult: stalking a smart, beautiful young woman and inserting himself into her life. He gives her a fake name and a fake background, then proceeds to act entitled to her attention (she's celebrating her sister's wedding with her family). It would be a lot more exciting to see John come clean sooner, or just leave the girl alone.

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    • If you're an elder millennial, American Pie was probably an integral part of your coming-of-age experience, and you likely related to Jim, the awkward, virgin protagonist. But Jim's moral compass gets a bit off-center when he livestreams an unclothed girl without her knowledge.

      Nadia, an exchange student from the former Czechoslovakia, comes over to Jim's house to study, and needs a place to change clothes. Jim gives her his room, but only after setting up a webcam. When she starts touching herself, Jim returns and attempts to join in. After the whole school watches their experience, Nadia's sponsor parents catch wind and send her back home. In the movie, this is seen as a bummer for Jim, who was supposed to take Nadia to prom.

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      • Lloyd is a friendly, misguided goof who seems to have the best intentions. However, when the part-time limo driver decides to trek to Aspen to return his passenger Mary's suitcase, he's really going because he's obsessed with her. When he discovers her suitcase is full of money, he decides to spend that, too - all of it.

        Turns out that cash is ransom money for Mary's husband, whom she loves with all her heart. Without Lloyd's intervention, Mary's husband would have been successfully swapped for the suitcase full of money, and Mary would have avoided all of Lloyd's uncomfortable advances.

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        • Phil is a smooth-talking, good-looking teacher - but he's also just kind of a jerk. He hustles his students for money for a fake field trip, then uses that money to fund his Vegas vacation. And he's not exactly using that money responsibly. "You know I drive great when I'm drunk," he matter-of-factly insists at one point.

          We're supposed to like that Phil is awful? He's constantly rude to his friends, who seem to stick with him because he's the alpha. He tells them what to do and gets them into wild, often dangerous situations. Maybe we'd root for him a little more if he did or said anything redeeming.

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