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The Best Comedy-Drama TV Shows Ever

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List RulesTV shows that combine elements of comedy and drama.

The best comedy-drama TV shows, also known as dramadies, provide not only laughs but also heartfelt storylines. They have been television staples for years, but that’s probably because people love the merging of those two genres. With so many comedy-drama shows, picking the best one of all time is a tough proposition. So determine which good comedy-drama shows are the best, fans like you have voted on their favorite funny dramas below.

What makes the combination of comedy and drama so successful? In large part, it’s because one minute you could be laughing out loud and the next on the verge of tears. Thankfully, most comedy drama TV shows prioritize laughs over sadness, so you’re never a puddle of tears for long. In the show Chuck for instance, the majority of the episodes maintain a level of brevity and only sometimes dip into emotional scenes.

Another great show that straddles the line between comedy and drama is Scrubs. In what may be the most emotional episode of the series, My Screw Up, we get a lighthearted episode until halfway through. From that point, the episode dips into downerville by revealing that one of the show’s most liked characters was actually dead the entire episode.

So what are the best comedy drama shows of all time? Vote for the ones you love the most below or add any that you fee are missing. In many ways, these top comedy-drama shows are also some of the best drama shows too.

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