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Surprisingly Plausible Fan Theories About Super Famous Comedy Movies

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When you sit down to watch one of your favorite comedies, chances are you're not in the mindset to dissect hidden meanings the way you would with, say, a sci-fi film. The point of comedy is usually to make us forget our troubles, after all. Some of the best comedy films help us turn our brain off or at the very give us a good chuckle or two. But if you look closely, there are just as many believable fan theories about comedy movies as there are in any other genre. This doesn't necessarily make any of these movies less funny, but it does add another interesting layer to them. 

Comedy fan theories run the gamut, ranging from outright silly theories on some of your favorite '80s comedies to some rather unnerving thoughts on how beloved '90s characters are actually villains from modern horror films. These believable comedy theories will have you rewatching some of your favorites through a new lens.