The Funniest Movies About Marriage

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From the wedding day to the silver anniversary, movie marriages are full of enough funny to last a lifetime. The top marriage comedy movies feature hilarious couples bickering about everything big and small. This is a list of the funniest comedies about marriage including everything from When Harry Met Sally to The Wedding Singer to Moonstruck.

What films will you find on this list of the best funny marriage movies? In Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller has to win over his future in-laws. Jay Roach directed this 2000 film, which also stars Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson, and Teri Polo. My Best Friend's Wedding is another great comedy about marriage. Judd Apatow found the funny in marriage with his film This Is 40, which stars his real-life wife Leslie Mann. Other good films featured on this list include Just Married, Couples Retreat, and Four Christmases.

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