The Funniest Movies About Weed

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Weed is known to give people the giggles and the top comedies about marijuana can induce laughing fits. The top funny movies about weed feature stoner characters smoking, selling, buying, and growing marijuana with hilarious results. This is a list of the greatest movies about weed including everything from Up In Smoke to Dazed & Confused to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

What films will you find on this weed movies list? In Friday, Chris Tucker stars as Smokey, a drug dealer who has dipped a bit too much into his own supply. Ice Cube plays his reliable friend Craig. The Big Lebowski is another good movie full of classic marijuana jokesHarold and Kumar Go To White Castle follows the journey of two high friends with a major case of the munchies. Other good films on this list include Half-Baked, Pineapple Express, and How High.

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