20 Movies to Show Your Kids to Get Them into Comedy

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Vote up the classic comedies appropriate for kids and teens that will teach them to love and respect the genre.

Face it - the older kids get, the less they can subsist on a diet of Disney and Pixar for their comedic needs. Teens and tweens especially grow tired of being shielded from adult realities by cutesy comedies, but you don't want to get kids into comedy with inappropriate material. While a 12-year-old may beg to go see the latest Seth Rogen film, it's probably not the best film for a prepubescent audience. You need to find films with some substance - intelligent comedy films with unique premises that do not rely on explicit material for laughs. Below, you'll find some great comedy movies for beginners. These films will help your kids appreciate the genre and some may even be enriching. 

Sure, R-rated films can be excellent. Bridesmaids and There's Something About Mary are lauded as masterpieces, but aren't great for kids. What are some classic comedy movies kids can watch? There's the bittersweet Mrs. Doubtfire, which undercuts its ridiculous premise with a heartfelt message about divorce. School of Rock can help introduce your kids to both comedy and musical history. Groundhog Day speaks a lot to living a moral life. 

What are the best comedy films to show kids? Vote up your favorites below! 

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