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12 Comedy Sequels That Might Actually Be Better Than The Originals

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There's a preconceived notion that sequels are never as good as the original movie. While that may usually be the case, there are a select few comedy sequels that might actually be better than the originals. 

It may sound completely blasphemous to even think that National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is funnier than National Lampoon's Vacation. But one can surely make a case that Clark Griswold's Christmas decorations and overall bumbling-idiot sweetness are funnier in Christmas Vacation. Perhaps it should at least be considered that Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me generates more laughs than the original Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

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  • Who doesn't love a good mismatched buddy cop movie? Rush Hour 2 is all of the things that made the original action-comedy great. Chris Tucker's Agent Carter cannot stop talking and Jackie Chan's Agent Lee beautifully displays his martial arts expertise. The movie's tagline is perfect: "The Mouth Of The West And The Hands Of The East Are Back!"

    The comic pairing of Tucker and Chan is even better this time around, as their onscreen chemistry is on display from the first frame. Rush Hour 2 is just as hilarious as the first film but more attention is given to a plot that is very well-structured. 

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  • The 1991 sequel The Naked Gun ​2 1/2: The Smell of Fear is just as silly and completely ridiculous as its 1988 predecessor. Leslie Nielsen returns as inept Police Lieutenant Frank Drebin, who somehow manages to solve crimes despite his idiocy.

    Frank's case this time around concerns his ex-girlfriend Jane (Priscilla Presley) and her new beau, oil executive Quentin Hapsburg (Robert Goulet). O.J. Simpson as Nordberg also returns for the sequel. There are plenty of cameos, as well, including Mel Tormé, Weird Al, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. 

    Goulet is expertly cast against type as the villain. Perhaps the funniest bit is the bar for depressed folks called Blue Note. Its walls feature pictures of the Hindenburg and Titanic. There are also plenty of entertaining Hollywood parody scenes. One of the funniest is Frank and Jane acting out the famous pottery-making love scene from Ghost.

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  • The 1995 Martin Lawrence and Will Smith action comedy movie Bad Boys was a near-perfect buddy cop movie. The banter was witty and the action scenes helmed by explosion-master Michael Bay, in his directing debut, were impressive.

    The 2003 sequel features the same witty banter and put-down one-liners. It's still funny, but a little less fresh. However, Bay's action scenes in the follow-up are way over-the-top - in a good way. The film is filled with shootouts, real stunts, car chases, and explosions. The most impressive action scene is a freeway chase that lasts almost 15 minutes. Bay gets a lot of flack for his propensity to over-do things. However, he shows off his incredible technical skills behind the camera during the Miami car chase. 

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  • The original American Pie helped to bring back the raunchy, anything-goes R-rated comedy. American Pie 2 takes all the lewd and embarrassing situations of the first film and turns it up to hyperdrive. 

    Jim (Jason Biggs) is home from his freshman year of college and gets a summer lake house with his old high school crew. The jokes may not necessarily camouflage themselves very well, but they still land. The infamous pie scene in the original has nothing on the tube of superglue scene in the sequel. 

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