The Best Comedy Shows About Roommates

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Put a bunch of larger-than-life characters in cramped living quarters, and the sparks - and laughs - are bound to fly. The best comedy shows about roommates feature friends who love each other... most of the time. This list of the best funny roommate comedy shows includes everything from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Two and a Half Men to New Girl and is ranked by your votes and by the votes of fans who love roommate comedies.

What sitcoms will you find on this list of the best funny shows about roommates? The beloved show Friends won over viewers across the country, who tuned in each week to see what type of trouble Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe would find themselves in. New Girl is another hilarious TV series about roommates. Sheldon Cooper may not be anyone's first choice for a roommate, but his persnickety nature leads to lots of laughs on The Big Bang Theory. Other good comedies featured on this roundup of the best roommate TV series include The Golden Girls, Three's Company, and The Odd Couple.

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