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The Best Comedy Web Series You Should Be Watching 

Logan Rapp
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The explosion of YouTube means an abundance of comedy web series, as many independent creators pick up a camera and go about craft the funniest scenes they can. It's become a very competitive marketplace, leaving the casual comedy fan a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content out there. This list of some of the best comedy web series online should simplify matters. Take a look and vote up your favorites!

From smaller independent productions like Classic Alice, which takes classic literature into interesting comedic scenarios, to big crowdfunded series like Video Game High School, there's a lot to unpack on this list! There are a lot of funny web series out there, and a lot of different types of humor to suit your tastes. So check out our list of online comedy shows and vote the best series to the top.

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A classic machinima series using the Halo games, this comedy follows two opposing armies who have no idea why they're fighting each other.
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Jerry Seinfeld does exactly what the title promises: he gets coffee with very funny people and casually interviews them, first during the drive, then over a cup of joe.
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Well before it was a hit on Comedy Central, Drunk History got celebrities to imbibe way too much booze and share their favorite stories from history.
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History's greatest figures square off in rap battles in this popular and award-winning comedy series.
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Before the Comedy Central show, Broad City was a web series following the life of Ilana and Abby in the misadventures throughout New York City.
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Now an HBO show, High Maintenance started out as a web series about a New York marijuana delivery guy who runs into strange new customers every episode.
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This satirical web series stars Zach Galifinakis as he bumbles through interviews with celebrities.
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This classic comedy web series stars Felicia Day as a member of an MMO guild whose lack of social graces often leads to hilarity.
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This comedy series follows the life of J as she deals with co-workers and love interests who put her in awkward situations.
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Beatrix is an average girl, except that she may or may not be able to communicate with the dead.
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This series by the Fine Brothers takes musical "scenes" and turns them into living, breathing people.
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This comedic fantasy follows a young gamer who inexplicably gets sucked into the world of The Legend of Zelda.
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This modern retelling of Jane Austen's Emma has the titular role running an image makeover service while also playing matchmaker.
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This series by Machinima is about a group of friends who realize that they're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
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This satirical Nerdist series is about housewives who are married to iconic horror villains.
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In this series, video game characters are actual people - and now, long after their heyday, they have to come back together for a reunion.
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This popular comedy series portrays a world where gaming has overtaken sports and high schools recruit top talent to compete professionally.
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This series follows Illeana Douglas as she "quits" acting and works at an IKEA store instead - where she can't seem to escape Hollywood.
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This old Channel 101 series is Lonely Island's spoof of The O.C. and is still beloved.
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Billed as the world's first marriage equality comedy, this series begins with two men traveling to Vegas to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage, only to end up married themselves.
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Hannah Hart is a delight as a tipsy host who teaches viewers how to cook... sometimes.
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Neil Patrick Harris stars as the titular supervillain, who is really a sensitive guy who romances the lovely Penny when he's not trying to obliterate Captain Hammer.
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This sci-fi comedy show follows a man who was the star of a reality TV series about going to Mars - only the show gets canceled.
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After failing an exam, Alice Rackham decides to live her life in the style of classic literature.
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Periods. is a collection of odd shorts portraying different historical time periods with a modern spin.