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15 Comic Book Characters Based On Real People

Updated March 18, 2020 70.8k views15 items

"Where did you come up with this stuff?" is a common question asked to creators of all types. Many lauded comic book writers and artists use their wild imaginations to come up with some of the most memorable characters in pop culture. However - just like in other kinds of fiction - there are many times when real people were the inspiration for comic book characters.

Sometimes, superheroes you admire were just a creator's re-imagining of their spouse, classmate, a movie star, or historical figure. A musician or actor's well-known look and physicality served as a muse for an intriguing character. There are even some characters who are just real people from life transformed into a comic book version of themselves.

See for yourself and learn about some of the best known comic book characters based on real people.