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15 Popular Comic Book Characters Who Would Definitely Vote Republican

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Ever wondered which superheroes are Democrats and which are Republican? Long before the message boards of the modern day, the debate has gone on in comic book shops since the earliest comics were published back in the 1930s and '40s, and while most superheroes and villains tend to be centrists in their political views, there have been a few tidbits of political insight spread throughout their lengthy comic careers.

Many of these choices can be subjective. One fan may think a hero like Batman is an obvious Democrat while someone else could point to certain character traits that make him definitively a Republican. But then you have characters like Tony Stark, who time and again has let his right-leaning conservative beliefs be known in the comics (and in the MCU). 

Whatever your personal thoughts on the subject, odds are you won't agree 100% with this list, but that's the point! Vote up your favorite heroes and villains you’d expect to be red-blooded Republicans, then start an argument with your buddies and let them know how you feel about your favorite comic book characters' political views.

  • Frank Castle had been a gun-toting member of the armed forces long before he put on a fancy shirt with a skull on it, and he began to kill every bad guy he came across. Let's face it, if a guy lives by the gun and dies by the gun, odds are, he's a Republican. That's not to say Democrats aren't card-carrying members of the NRA, but that's a tiny fraction of the group's membership.

    Castle is the Marvel Comics embodiment of former NRA president Charlton Heston's line, "I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands." He's also not a fan of big government, and doesn't like it when the government steps on his, or the little guy's toes.

    Where he stands:

    • Pro smaller government
    • Gun rights advocate
    • Pro capital punishment
    • As Seen In: The Punisher
    Are they a real red-blooded Republican?

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  • General Ross, otherwise known as "Thunderbolt," is one of the highest-profile soldiers in the Marvel Universe outside of Nick Fury. He's a four-star General, but he's also the father-in-law to one Bruce Banner, otherwise known as the Incredible Hulk. He's a military man, and like most in that profession, he's a conservative Republican who values a strong national defense, small government, and the rule of law.

    He's tough on crime as well, which was evident when he put a bullet through Abomination's brain and slaughtered Wendigo as some of his first acts as Red Hulk. These are the actions of a man who doesn't budge on his traditional, conservative principals, and readily slots him into the Republican side of politics.

    Where he stands:

    • Pro gun rights
    • In favor of a strong national defense
    • Pro small government
      Are they a real red-blooded Republican?

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    • Lex Luthor
      Photo: DC Comics

      Lex Luthor was the President of the United States at one point, so you would think that identifying his political positions would be easy. Unfortunately, DC doesn't like to get too close to the real world in these matters, which is why Luthor ran on an Independent ticket. Despite this, it's fair to say that his political leanings are much further to the right than to the left. He believes in small government and deregulation thanks to his years of operating his business, Luthorcorp. Additionally, he's all about a strong national defense - so long as it's not coming after him.

      Where he stands:

      • In opposition of labor unions
      • Pro strong national defense
      • Pro deregulation
      • Pro free market capitalism
      • As Seen In: Superman: War of the Worlds, Superman: Birthright
      Are they a real red-blooded Republican?

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    • Norman Osborn is a staunch capitalist, and one of the wealthiest people in the Marvel Universe. He's been the head of a massive, multinational corporation and isn't happy when the government comes into his playground to regulate everything. Sure, he's also a super villain, but he has gotten directly involved in government politics as well. He was the head of the Thunderbolts and the Secret Avengers. While he may use the government and its institutions for his evil schemes, he does so under the guise of the Republican Party.

      Where he stands:

      • Pro deregulation
      • Pro low taxation
      • Pro free market economy
      • As Seen In: Marvel 1602
      Are they a real red-blooded Republican?

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