Comic Characters That Really Shouldn't Get Movies  

Jacob Shelton
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Don’t you love super hero movies? If so, you should consideryourself lucky to be alive in the height of the super hero film. Thanks toadvancements in CGI, filmmakers are no longer limited to the restraints ofpractical effects. For instance, if Spiderman needs to shoot a web over athousand flaming buildings made out of squid, you can watch it happen. In thelast few years we’ve seen characters ranging from masked vigilantes, to supersoldiers, and space pilots jump from the pages of a comic to the silver screen,but pretty soon Hollywood is going to run out of super heroes to make moviesabout. In a couple of years they’re going to start scraping the bottom of thebarrel. That’s why we’ve put together this list of comic book characters thatshould never have movies made about them.

Stilt Man, Vibe, and Arm-Fall-Off-Man are just a few of thecharacters on this list that we pray never grace the silver screen in ourlifetime. We don’t think we could handle barfing up all the barf that we wouldspew if you made us sit through the 90 plus minutes of one of these sub parcharacter’s movies. While Guardians of the Galaxy was a film stacked with B andC list characters, we don’t think it could be done again. So while it’spossible that someone could make a passable movie about Dazzler, we highlydoubt it. Feel free to vote on the worst character on our list and if you thinkof someone that’s even worse than a character like Matter-Eater Lad please addit, we’d love to know who to avoid come summer blockbuster season.

Madame Fatal
Madame Fatal is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Comic Characters That Really Shouldn't Get Movies
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Isn't there already a movie about a man dressed as a woman fighting evil? It's called "Thor" right? Boom, roasted.
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NFL Superpro
NFL Superpro is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Comic Characters That Really Shouldn't Get Movies
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NFL Superpro proved that no one will ever be able create a venn diagram of jocks and nerds.
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Leather Boy is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Comic Characters That Really Shouldn't Get Movies
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We're pretty sure there is a Leather Boy movie, but we're not old enough to watch it.
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Stilt-Man is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Comic Characters That Really Shouldn't Get Movies
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If your origin story contains any version of you attending clown college you can count us out.
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