Comic Book Characters We Want to See on Film

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Certain comic book characters definitely lend themselves to film better than others.

Sometimes it's their costume, or their power-set being cinematically dynamic (how Hydroman made this list), or how necessary they are to the universe, or even to a specific storyline. Many heroes and villains out there deserve their turn in the limelight. With Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel showed no character is too obscure to delight fans, and with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Dark Knight they proved that you really can have multiple villains work in a single film... unlike the disasters that are Spider-Man 3 and Batman & Robin.

From fan favorites (Carnage!) to how-do-they-not-have-a-movie-yet?! (Ms. Marvel, and yes we know it's eventually coming but it's not here yet), these are the comic characters we should see in movies. We also added characters that need to be redone in the comic book film industry (Green Lantern... among others).


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