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The Best Doctors (And Doctor Superheroes) In Comic Books, Ranked

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In the wake of a global pandemic, it’s been made obvious that doctors and other medical personnel are the real superheroes of our society - and what better time to celebrate the handful of comic book characters who truly deserve the title of “superhero doctor.” The caped crusaders of DC and Marvel Comics might rescue people on a regular basis, but there’s a select few who also make saving lives a part of their day jobs.

There are countless smart comic book characters out there with “doctor” in their name - Doctors Strange, Fate, Doom, and Octopus, say hello - but that doesn’t mean that each of them has an actual medical degree. Only a special segment of the superpowered community is equally comfortable facing down costumed villains and infectious diseases, and they’re worthy of recognition. 

  • As perhaps the most famous superhero with “Doctor” in their name, it’s fortunate that Stephen Strange actually possesses a medical degree. In fact, Doctor Strange earned worldwide renown as a skilled surgeon - burning through medical school in record time and making headlines for performing impossible surgeries along the way - long before he ever served as the Sorcerer Supreme.

    When a car accident permanently mangled his hands and prevented him from continuing his career, Strange was lost in the world - until a journey to Kamar-Taj opened his eyes to the mystic arts. These days, he spends most of his time defending Earth from all manner of magical threats, though a recent storyline saw his hands finally restored, leading Strange to once again practice surgery as a side gig. 

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  • When Odin deemed that his son was in need of a little humbling, he sent Thor to Midgard, stripped him of his memory, and created a false human identity for him - Donald Blake, medical student. As Blake, Thor was crippled and needed to carry around a walking stick that could transform into Mjolnir whenever danger reared its head. Otherwise, Blake stayed blissfully unaware of his Asgardian origins.

    Blake worked his way through medical school and became a practicing physician, earning several accolades for his skill as a surgeon - and several important lessons about the fragility of human life for the 1500-year-old god hiding inside him. When Thor went back to being the God of Thunder full time, he left the medical field behind - though Doctor Donald Blake has since manifested himself as an entirely separate entity on numerous occasions. 

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  • When Jane Foster first hit the pages of Marvel Comics, she was a fairly unempowered nurse and a love interest of Thor, who was in hiding on Midgard at the time under the guise of Doctor Donald Blake. Over the years, however, Foster has become a superheroic character in her own right - picking up countless additional titles beyond simply being Thor’s girlfriend, including some in the medical field.

    At some point off-page, Foster went to medical school and became a full-fledged MD. Apparently not content with her life-saving career, she went on to pick up Mjolnir during a period in which Thor considered himself unworthy, stepping in as the God of Thunder for several years. Most recently, after the Odinson reclaimed his hammer, Jane has taken on the role of the Valkyrie and has also taken work in a hospital morgue. She’s also formed her own team of superhero doctors.

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    Faiza Hussain, Wielder Of Surgery Powers

    Doctor Faiza Hussain was working triage in a London hospital during the Skrull invasion of Earth when she interacted with alien technology and picked up a set of superpowers that were thankfully of great medical use. Hussain discovered that she now had the ability to disassemble anything, including human beings, to their base components and then put them back together again - essentially, superpowered surgery.

    Doctor Hussain’s superheroic journey did not end when she gained abilities and started using them to save lives. A later encounter with Captain Britain led to Faiza pulling the sword Excalibur from its sacred stone and becoming its new wielder despite her nonviolent nature - which has led to her adopting both “Captain Britain” and “Excalibur” as her official MI13 codenames. These days, she pulls double-duty as a British secret agent and a practicing physician. 

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