Comic Book Characters That Need Their Own Movie

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Only characters that have not yet had a stand-alone film. Vote up the ones you most want to see on the big screen.

While both Warner Bros. and Disney are in a hurry to bring all of the major DC and Marvel superheroes to the big screen, there are still plenty superheroes who don't have a movie. In fact, some of the most popular comic book characters still haven't had their own movie—and bringing in some of these characters would make for a few dream comic book films. 

Fans of both comic books and such films alike can all agree some characters simply deserve their own film. It could work wonders for the franchises as well, as some of the comic characters not in movies yet would help diversify the line-up of big screen men and women in tights. Characters like Miles Morales, Jaime Reyes, Kamala Khan would bring fresh perspectives to both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe

Below, you'll find 20 comic book characters who should get movies, ready to be ranked by the true fans. Check out the list below and vote for the characters you think most deserve their own film.

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