The Best Comic Book Characters With Black Hair

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Vote up your favorite black-haired heroes and villains.

The greatest superheroes and supervillains with black hair, ranked by comic book fans everywhere. To be fair, a massive contingent of comic book characters have black hair. Think about it: What's easier to draw than black hair? While female characters with obvious black hair are more common (they never seem to wear skull caps), there are surprisingly few supervillains who sport black locks.

You can argue that black-haired superheroes include virtually every important character, from Batman to Superman to Wonder Woman to even certain versions of other characters like Miles Morales's Spider-Man. Picking your favorite black-haired comic book character can pretty quickly become a game of picking your favorite hero (or villain) overall.

That said, we're still curious who might be considered the best black-haired comic book character, so we made a list of all the most popular characters with black hair, and it'll be up to you to vote up the best of the best. 

Don't see your favorite black-haired hero or villain on the list? Add them yourself and see if they can top the ones we found!

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