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The Best Comic Book Characters Who Have Blue Eyes

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There's just something about blue eyes people find captivating. In reality, blue eyes are the result of the stroma of the iris lacking sufficient melanin. In comic books, blue eyes are the result of the artist thinking it would look cool. Some of the greatest comic book characters of all time could give Ol' Blue Eyes a run for his money. Which ones do you like best, or which ones do you think are the dreamiest? There are plenty of villains and superheroes with blue eyes to choose from, so start voting!

From the pages of Marvel, such heroes as Captain America, Bucky Barnes (AKA the Winter Soldier), and Thor have all had blue eyes at one point or another. Meanwhile, the Trinity, namely Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, over at DC Comics all enjoy some striking crystal blue pupils. However, these characters are far from the only ones. Even if you read comic books religiously, you may have never realized your favorite hero or villain has blue eyes. 

This list of male and female superheroes with blue eyes may surprise some readers out there. The eyes can reveal a lot about the character, so see if you can find any similarities between all of the characters listed here. Vote your favorite comic book characters with blue eyes up to the top.