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The Best Comic Book Characters With Green Eyes

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Green eyes are fascinating. In fact, they may just be the most enigmatic eye color a person can have. It is easy to see why green eyes have influenced so much literature and artwork over the years. And comic books are where literature and artwork intertwine. Over the decades, there have been countless comic book characters who sported green eyes, including some of the most influential characters in graphic novel history. These supervillains and heroes with green eyes are captivating for more reasons than just their eye color, and now, you can vote for your favorites. 

Heroes like The Hulk and Green Arrow have had green eyes in various storylines. It's easy to see why because green kind of goes with their whole outfits. But it's not just heroes that have been fortunately enough to have been blessed with green eyes. From Joker to Norman Osborne, plenty of villains know how to make an impression with just a stare. 

You may not have given much thought to which male and female superheroes have green eyes, but after going through this list, you won't be able to look away. Vote for your favorite DC and Marvel characters with green eyes, including who you think looks best with green pupils. Is your favorite green-eyed comic book character missing? Add them to the list!

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    Hope Summers

    Hope Summers is a superheroine appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in X-Men #205 in 2007. She is the first mutant born after the events of the "House of M" and "Decimation" storyline....  more
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      Princess Python is the name of two characters in Marvel Comics....  more
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        Firestar is a fictional mutant superheroine in the Marvel Comics Universe. Debuting in 1981 on the NBC animated television series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as a member of the X-Men, she has the ability to generate and manipulate microwave radiation, which allows her to generate intense heat and flames, and to fly. In the comics, she has acted a solo hero and as a member of the Hellions, the New Warriors, the Avengers, and the X-Men....  more
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          Wanda Maximoff is a fictional character, whose code name is Scarlet Witch, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe....  more
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