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Comic Book Characters With An Impractical Amount Of Hair

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Since comic books are a visual art form and home to some of the most talented artists working today, it makes sense that some characters would end up with some unusual haircuts. Long hair does help to emphasize speed and motion in a static image, much in the way superhero capes do. Sometimes, creators choose to give characters a longer hairstyle to make the character movements pop. And not all characters with long hair make you stroke your chin and wonder just why their hair is that long.

However, there are certain characters that make you sit back and think, "Wait, wouldn't all that hair just get in the way?" This was much more common in the 1980s and 1990s than it is today (looking squarely at you, early-'90s Nomad) but there are still characters in the pages of modern comic books that just have an impractical amount of hair for what they are doing. Sometimes these hairstyles are a fight risk, sometimes they are a flight risk, and sometimes they are just a mirror-cracking risk. One thing is for sure: The following characters would definitely fit in during a White Snake music video.

  • The early-'90s incarnation of Nomad was Jack Monroe, and he has just about the craziest hairstyle Marvel Comics has ever printed. Nomad is a street-level vigilante, a la Punisher, who takes on criminal organizations.

    But how can this guy try and take out his villainous targets if his hair is constantly in his face? Can you imagine this hair-metal wannabe trying to use a sniper rifle? It would be high comedy, for sure.

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    • Medusa's hairstyle seems to be a bit of a two-edged sword: Her Inhuman power grants her psychokinetic control over her hair, meaning she can use it for all kinds of different activities, but that also means she keeps her hair extremely long at all times, thus making her vulnerable to crafty villains.

      Medusa surely has one of the coolest and most unique powers in the Marvel Universe... but is it all that practical? You don't hear her complaining much. 

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      • Starfire
        Photo: DC Comics

        When Starfire flies about, which she does quite often, her exceedingly long hair leaves contrails in her wake. It is undoubtedly cool to look at - but is that length of hair all that amenable to flight? One would think that hairstyle would undoubtedly get in the way during both takeoff and landings.

        Alas, she is an alien princess and can do as she pleases.

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        • Putting aside the fact that a chainmail bikini seems to be inadequate protection for such a fierce warrior, Red Sonja's scarlet locks appear to provide an unfair advantage to her enemies. The "She-Devil with a Sword" fights all manner of barbaric combatants, and it is not outside the realm of possibility that one could easily grab Sonja by the hair to gain an upper hand.

          Doing so probably wouldn't work out too well, though, as she is one of the most ferocious fighters on the face of the planet. 

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