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The Best Comic Book Characters With White Hair

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The greatest comic book heroes and villains with white and gray hair, ranked by fans everywhere. In the real world, white hair is usually an indicator of advanced age, but in the world of comics, it's often a sign of advanced badassery. Heroes and villains who have white hair tend to have powers focused on things electricity or metal. Some of the most famous white-haired superheroes include classic characters like Quicksilver and Storm, while Magneto and Silver Sable are two notorious villains who are often drawn showcasing their vibrant white locks. When you actually sit down and make a list of comic book characters who have white hair, it's surprising to see just how many classic characters sport hair most often associated with retirees.

We went ahead and made a list of our personal favorite male and female comic book characters with white hair (and even a couple super animals), but we're still not sure who qualifies as the best of the best. That's where you come in. Be sure to vote up your favorite white-haired superheroes and supervillains to see which characters top the list.

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