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The Best Comic Book Characters Who Have Yellow Eyes

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You probably don't see too many people walking around in real life with yellow eyes. Unless someone's wearing cat-themed contact lenses, you tend to just see green, brown, and blue eyes everywhere. However, the pages of a comic book are not real life. Characters come from all over the universe; some even travel between different dimensions. 

Yellow eyes seem to be popular with villains more than heroes in the pages of Marvel and DC. Raven Darkholme (AKA Mystique) is often drawn with striking yellow eyes, and she can even be seen wearing them in the X-Men film franchise.  However, she's not the only yellow-eyed character; Grendel, En Sabah Nur, and Anti-Monitor have all sported yellow eyes at one point or another. That said, there are a number of superheroes who are also known for sporting yellow eyes. Nightcrawler is an easy example.

How many yellow-eyed comic book characters do you know? This list of male and female superheroes and villains with yellow eyes goes through a few dozen of the most popular, but there are honestly hundreds when you look back on comic book history. Vote up your favorite comic characters with yellow eyes, and add your own if they aren't already listed.

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