Fans Are Pointing Out Plot Holes In Comic Book Movies And We Can’t Unsee Them

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The suspension of disbelief is usually present within comic book movies in some way or another. However, this is not the same thing as superhero movie plot holes.

These comic book movies feature some sort of major plot hole that was pointed out by Redditors that has gone overlooked by many for a long while. Check out these in-depth explanations of plot holes in superhero movies below, and don't forget to vote!

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    The Dark Knight Should Not Go Broke

    The Dark Knight Should Not Go Broke
    Photo: The Dark Knight Rises / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Batman is one of the wealthiest superheroes in comic book history. Redditor Kerriganszergheels points out that in The Dark Knight Rises, some unrealistic situations occur involving Bruce Wayne's bank account:

    The Dark Knight Rises, the entire sequence of Bruce going broke. Absolutely bullsh*t that bane could commit securities/banking fraud by SHOOTING UP THE STOCK EXCHANGE. Exactly zero transactions would be processed. And the whole nuclear bomb/reactor thing. I can suspend disbelief for comic book movies but some things are patently ridiculous if you’re shooting for “realism.”

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    Doc Ock Needs Spider-Man And Can't Afford To Kill Peter

    Doc Ock Needs Spider-Man And Can't Afford To Kill Peter
    Photo: Spider-Man 2 / Sony Pictures Releasing

    The original Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire is still possibly the most universally known rendition of the beloved comic-book character. Redditor mr_mcsonsteinwitz exposes some holes in the logic of the villain of Spider-Man 2, Doc Ock:

    Okay, so... Doc Ock shows up at Harry's house and demands more Unobtainium. Harry offers a trade: bring Spider-man and he'll give him more Unobtainium. Doc Ock asks how to find Spider-man. Harry points out that Peter Parker takes pictures of Spider-man and may know how to find him.

    Doc Ock shows up then and... throws a car at the back of Peter Parker's head... which Peter Parker survives by virtue of being Spider-man... which Doc Ock didn't know about... So, in order to get the stuff he wants, he needs Peter's help, so... he... tries to kill him...

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    The Butler Should Have Spoken Up In 'Spider-Man 3'

    The Butler Should Have Spoken Up In 'Spider-Man 3'
    Photo: Spider-Man 3 / Sony Pictures Releasing

    Out of the original three Spider-Man movies directed by Sam Raimi, Spider-Man 3 is the most forgotten. Plot holes may be a major reason for that, as Redditor happywaldo exposes the fact that that the Butler could have essentially stopped the main conflict in the film:

    If the Butler knew what really happened to Harry's dad, why the f*** did he keep his mouth shut? So much s*** would've been avoided if he spoke sooner.

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    Ant-Man Should Still Be Heavy

    Ant-Man is a light and fun addition to the MCU that may not be a favorite in the universe, but is still given a certain amount of respect. Although, Redditor bigyeller discusses a huge plot hole in the film that involves the mass of Ant-Man:

    In Ant-Man, Hank Pym explains that he's able to shrink people/objects by reducing the space in the atoms and this means that the person/object retains their mass. This is how he can still deliver an effective punch whilst shrunken. But then we see Scott Lang riding on top of an ant, running up people's arms and other stuff that would be impossible if he still had the mass of a full-grown man. And then there's the several ton tank that Pym has on his key chain! Great movie otherwise but this still irks me.

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    The Bat Credit Card In 'Batman And Robin'

    The Bat Credit Card In 'Batman And Robin'
    Photo: Batman and Robin / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin is known as being not only one of the worst Batman films, but one of the worst movies ever made period. It makes perfect sense that this film is riddled with plot holes, and one Redditor breaks down the biggest one: the Bat Credit Card:

    Batman and Robin. That movie has a litany of plot holes that would take a thesis to explain here. The most obviously glaring one to me is the Bat Credit Card. I mean, what bank is that linked to? How does Batman pay off the Bat Credit Card? Does he use a slush fund offshore somewhere? Does Alfred know about this? You're meaning to tell me that Batman's more financially involved and economically sensible enemies (Penguin, Black Mask, etc.) wouldn't have figured out his identity by following the money when all of a sudden Batman is dropping millions of dollars on his no limit credit card? I am still flabbergasted at that to this day.

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    Diana Prince's Plans Don't Make Sense In 'Batman Vs. Superman'

    Diana Prince's Plans Don't Make Sense In 'Batman Vs. Superman'
    Photo: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Gal Gadot's performance as Wonder Woman AKA Diana Prince in Batman Vs. Superman was one of that film's only redeeming qualities. However, Redditor crapusername47  points out the fact that Diana's plan early on in the film has no logic whatsoever and only works because of a fluke:

    I still don't get what Diana's plan was in Batman vs. Superman. She knows Lex has a photograph of her during the First World War. So she goes to the party and then what? Through sheer luck, Bruce Wayne is also at the party and is looking to steal data from the same computers so he, with his Wayne Industries high tech hacking device, copies all of the data off the server, including the photo. Diana steals the device but she can't get past Lex's encryption. So what was her plan when she walked in there? Threaten the server with a sword?

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