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The Best Live-Action Comic Book Adaptations Of The Decade Not From Marvel Or DC, Ranked

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List RulesVote up the live-action adaptations that didn't come from DC Comics or Marvel Comics.

For comic book fans, this past decade meant Marvel and DC taking over both movies and television. This doesn't mean non-Marvel/DC superhero titles haven't delivered quite a punch, though. Whenever an adaptation from a different comic book universe hits television or theaters, comic fans will actively promote its existence everywhere. 

From Image Comics to Valiant Comics, several smaller comic book properties got their time to shine with TV and superhero movies in the 2010s. And thanks to these outings, these specific comic books gained a wider fanbase due to their live-action adaptations. With more studios looking toward these smaller comic stories, there's no telling what will be the next surprise hit in the decade to come.

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