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Comic Book Prisons You Wouldn't Want to Be Locked Up In

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When your industry is based on memorable and iconic characters, and half of them are bad guys, you're going to need memorable and iconic prisons to hold them. Some comic book prisons only serve as villainous pit stops between capers, while others have been settings for influential storylines.

Some comic book jails are outrageous and fantastical in design, some are based on real prisons, and others really are real prisons. Nobody wants to be in prison, but prisons in comics are especially bad since you can count on above average amounts of escape attempts, riots, superpowers, and general danger. You're far more likely to see a coffin than the end of your sentence.

These are the comic book prisons where you'd least like to serve time. Vote up the most nightmarish penitentiaries in comic books, the ones in which you wouldn't last a minute if you were locked up.
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    Arkham Asylum

    Arkham is technically a mental health hospital, but since it rarely cures anybody and its inmates are mostly murderous psychopaths, it's pretty much a prison. The frequent breakouts and incompetent security might be appealing to potential Arkham inhabitants, but you'll probably be in a straightjacket, so you'll only be able to watch as Joker escapes yet again. And if you try anything, you'll probably get punched in the face by Batman.
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    Ryker's Island

    Ryker's Island is a real place, but it's also where a lot of street-level Marvel villains get locked up. It has also been inhabited by Punisher (who escaped bloodily) and Daredevil (who escaped legally). You're not as likely to get zapped by a super-powered inmate as you might be in Marvel's other prisons, but you'll probably get shanked. 
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  • The Phantom Zone is a detention facility of Kryptonian design that casts criminals into an ethereal state of non-existence. The torture of this prison is that Phantom Zone inhabitants can still perceive the physical plane, they just can't experience it (or perpetrate crimes in it).
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    The Raft

    In New Avengers, Marvel's brightest have gathered all of their super-powered prisoners in one place: The Raft. A superpowered breakout was once contained when one of the prisoners, Sentry, turned on his rioting cohorts and joined the Avengers. With fellow inmates like that, who needs enemies?
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