The Best Comic Book TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

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The best theme songs from comic book TV shows. Vote up the greatest, most memorable comic book TV theme songs. No Anime/Manga.

Comic books have jumped from the page and to TV with theme songs that often capture just what's great about iconic characters. Whether they're poorly animated cartoons or live-action shows, each theme song leaves their mark. Some are even so powerful that they run through the comic book readers' heads as they read their comics. What are the greatest comic book TV show theme songs of all time?

Theme songs from the campy retro TV shows such as Batman, and Spider-Man, could (accurately) be described as goofy, but they have stood the test of time and are still recognized today.    

Vote up the best comic book TV theme song, and don't bother with the people staring at you while you sing along to these endlessly catchy songs. 
Photo: X-Men/Fox Kids