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Much like soap operas, western comic books are filled with deep-seated drama and good, old-fashioned comic book character deaths. But unlike your average soap opera, there are some comic book characters who die a lot. Sometimes they die so much that you don't even care anymore. You already know that, at some point, these dead comic book characters are going to end up springing back to life just to die all over again. It's a cruel game to play with the readers (and the characters), but the comic book character death and resurrection cycle is something that you can look forward to when your reading material is starting to get boring.

But which characters have died the most? It's not hard for anyone to guess at least a couple of them. Some deaths have even become so iconic that you've probably seen them dozens of times. But this list isn't filled with Bruce Wayne's parents or Uncle Ben. This list is really about the characters who just won't die because they keep coming back to life. Which characters are they? Read below and find out!

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Spider-Man is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 13 Comic Book Characters Who Are Constantly Dying
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Spider-Man isn't really known for his ability to cheat death; he actually has a fair number of death scenes buried in the pages of his books. One of the most iconic examples is when Kraven the Hunter stops Spidey’s heart, buries him, and then goes off and poses as his adversary for several nights. Another example is when a dying Doctor Octopus puts his mind into Peter’s body, then lets Peter die. For a long run, Doc Ock became Spider-Man himself until Peter’s personality reemerged.

Perhaps the most tragic is his death in Ultimate Spider-Man, where his final moments are spent saving the ones he loves in a final battle against the Green Goblin.

Gwen Stacy is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 13 Comic Book Characters Who Are Constantly Dying
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It's sad that Gwen is known more for dying than for being a smart woman and a supportive companion to Peter Parker. But alas, her death has become almost as iconic as Uncle Ben's. She doesn't just die as the original version of the character, either; there have been clones of Stacy that have died over the years, and the Ultimate version of her was killed by Carnage.

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Mister Immortal is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 13 Comic Book Characters Who Are Constantly Dying
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Not only can't he die, but Mr. Immortal can't age at all. You can hurt him, but the minute he "dies," all of his wounds completely heal and he soon wakes up in a fit of rage. He's had these powers since he was a boy, which led to many failed suicide attempts when he realized just how different he was. Since then, he's become a hero with the Great Lakes Avengers and has died in just about every way imaginable, including alcohol poisoning. But since he's immortal, he just bounces right back. With the "no aging" thing, he'll likely live to see the end of the universe.

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Ra's al Ghul is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 13 Comic Book Characters Who Are Constantly Dying
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The whole deal with Ra's is he has cheated death for hundreds of years by using Lazarus Pits as a means of reincarnation. But, of course, he has managed to die in several mediums. In the comics, he dies after his daughter Nyssa stabs him. And because Batman is Batman, he cremates Ghul's body just to make sure he's gone for good (spoiler: he isn't). He has also died in Superman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond, but both deaths are left ambiguous. A demise that's a little less murky is in Batman Begins, where he's aboard a train that crashes into the streets of Gotham.

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