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The Best Ways To Get Young Kids Into Comics

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Every day, new nerds bound into comic book stores looking for the perfect book. But are these new nerds born, or are they cultivated by a parent, big brother, or super-cool alien best friend? If you’re a parent and you want to make sure your child becomes a Grade-A nerd with impeccable taste, it’s up to you to find the best all-ages comics to help their imagination flourish. Comics for kids are better than ever now that so many creators have children of their own that they want to share their craft with. Trying to figure out which kids comics you want to read first can be intimidating, because there are so many titles out there. But this list has narrowed down some of the best ways to get young kids into comics.

Comic books for kids don’t have to be dopey stories that infantilize your child. They can be harrowing, scary, and thought provoking, all while appealing to someone under the age of 12. Kids growing up now have the advantage of living in a time when comic books, and the nerd lifestyle, is treated with as much seriousness as any sport on TV. Kids comic books are booming, and it’s all about finding a series that your kid loves, just like you found something that you loved when you were growing up.  

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    Take Your Kids to a Comic Convention

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    One of the best things you can do to foster a healthy love for all things nerd in your kid is to take them to a convention. You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to visit San Diego or New York Comic-Con, because there's probably a comic convention happening in your neck of the woods soon
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    Visit a Comic Book Store with Your Kid

    Even if your kid doesn't know what they're interested in yet, take them to your favorite comic shop so they can get the tactile experience of flipping through the cardboard boxes of past issues and seeing the new comics on display. If visiting your first comic shop was a life changing experience for you, it's probably going to be the same for them. 
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    The Adventures of Tintin

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    The Adventures of Tintin has been taking children on adventures since 1929, and it has many luminous fans, like Steven Spielberg and Edgar Wright. If you want your kid to tap into their imagination like some of the best filmmakers of the 20th and 21st century, pick them up a copy of one of the many Tintin animated books. 
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    Like The Muppet Babies, but with the Justice League. JL8 is a weekly web comic that follows the adventures of your favorite DC heroes as children in elementary school. It's the perfect way to get your kids interested in the world of Batman and Superman. 
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