Superheroes Who Started Out As Villains

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Super villains become heroes all the time. In comic books, it can be hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys in the first place. Nearly everyone wears masks and brightly colored spandex, after all. Even Spider-Man is a MENACE according to at least one New York newspapers. In such a strange world of cosmic happenings and super shenanigans, of course there are many villains who turned into superheroes.

These superheroes who started out bad range from the obscure, like Pied Piper, to the mainstream, like the Merc with a Mouth. Heck, a plenty of core X-Men have changed sides, as any fan of Gambit, Emma Frost, or Rogue could tell you. These comic book bad guys who became good guys are everywhere. You're favorite hero might have debuted as a villain. Don't think so? Would it surprise you to learn that Hawkeye tried to rob the Avengers before becoming one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

More surprises await you in this list of supervillains turned superheroes.These are the comic book heroes who started out as villains! Vote up your favorite reformed bad guy below!
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