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13 Comic Book Characters Who Are Constantly Dying 

Aaron Edwards
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Much like soap operas, western comic books are filled with deep-seated drama and good, old-fashioned comic book character deaths. But unlike your average soap opera, there are some comic book characters who die a lot. Sometimes they die so much that you don't even care anymore. You already know that, at some point, these dead comic book characters are going to end up springing back to life just to die all over again. It's a cruel game to play with the readers (and the characters), but the comic book character death and resurrection cycle is something that you can look forward to when your reading material is starting to get boring.

But which characters have died the most? It's not hard for anyone to guess at least a couple of them. Some deaths have even become so iconic that you've probably seen them dozens of times. But this list isn't filled with Bruce Wayne's parents or Uncle Ben. This list is really about the characters who just won't die because they keep coming back to life. Which characters are they? Read below and find out!

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He may have a healing factor even better than Wolverine's, but that doesn’t mean that Deadpool hasn’t suffered some pretty fatal blows in the past. The Hulk has torn him to shreds and smashed him to a pulp, Wolverine has eviscerated him, and he even burned himself into ashes in order to escape a coffin. But no matter how little of him remains, he always comes back. 

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Here’s a character whose entire power hinges on dying. Mitchell “Mitch” Shelley can actually be killed, but death only lasts a few seconds. When he resurrects, he gains a superpower based on the way he last died. Depending on his death, his powers can range from being able to change his skin color to becoming a bullet-proof monster. So, depending on how he dies, he could take the form of one of the most powerful beings on the planet. 

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Jean is sometimes known as "The Phoenix," which is fitting for more than a few reasons. The number of times she’s died has become a running joke among writers, artists, and readers. She has died in a space shuttle crash only to be saved by the Phoenix Force, there was a fake out where she supposedly committed suicide on the moon, she's been killed by sentinels, and she has even been stabbed to death on multiple occasions by Wolverine.  

And yet… she just keeps coming back. 

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Batman is the ultimate detective, a master tactician, and one of the world's most skilled martial artists, yet he's gone through quite a few deadly experiences in his history. He killed himself with poison in the 1950s and came back to life minutes later, he was electrocuted, his heart gave out while fighting Superman, and there was one time where he was impaled shortly before he threw himself into a Lazarus Pit. He was even “killed” by Darkseid’s omega beams and was presumed a goner until readers discovered that he was just transported back in time.

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